A port of the atari800 8-bit home computer emulator to the 3DS.

Please remember that piracy is not encouraged! While the 8-bit Atari XE can be considered "abandonware", that does not mean games and software for it is no longer copyrighted. If you want to find freeware games for the platform, I recommend looking on Pouet. In addition, the ROMs necessary to run the emulator can be acquired in a legal way for free, as described below.

Installation Notes

Remember that this emulator requires Atari ROMs to be present in "/3ds/atari800"! However, Atari allowed the ROMs to be distributed alongside a different emulator, which is now freely available, in 1994. You can download it here - copy over the .ROM files to "/3ds/atari800".

Please run DspDump before running atari800!

If you're stuck, press L to access the emulator's menu!