Bug Testing Marathon (retroactively renamed from Better Than Minecon due to trademark concerns) is a convention held from time to time by various people. Its uniqueness comes from the fact of being a modded Minecraft convention held inside Minecraft itself, letting players meet mod developers while being able to test their mod's features out at the same time.

The name is a play on BetterThanWolves, by the way. Don't read into it too much.

Most of the modpack URLs are, unfortunately, down.

BTM 2015

The first one! It began as a community in-joke - I decided to state on Twitter that, due to the cost and difficulty of getting to Minecon 2015, I'm going to "BetterThanMinecon" instead. A day before the proper Minecon, I decided to give actually creating an in-game convention a shot.

BTM 16

BTM 16 2.0

This is where our website design took a deep dive down. I was the initial organizer, but unascribed did most of the actual work - the old website only pertains to the period of my organization.

PicoBTM 16.3

On this one, we just watched Minecon and played in-game computer games really.