ChenThread Image Format

An image format designed for ComputerCraft and OpenComputers (and potentially adaptable to other blocky graphics modes), complete with a converter. It supports the following formats:


To run CTIFConverter, you'll need Java 7 and a recent enough version of ImageMagick. If you don't have ImageMagick, install it from your package manager. If you're on Windows, unpacking the portable version of ImageMagick (x86, x64) into your PATH, or the current working directory, might help.

java -jar CTIFConverter.jar -h

will be your best friend. Here's an example command:

java -jar CTIFConverter.jar -m oc -P preview.png -o image.ctif image.png

will convert image.png to image.ctif and kindly save preview.png as a preview file. (The "-P preview.png" can be omitted)

java -jar CTIFConverter.jar -m cc -W 102 -H 57 -o image.ctif image.png

will convert your image into a ComputerCraft picture of at most 102x57. If you want to ignore the aspect ratio and force it to be exactly 102x57, use "-N".


If you just want to view CTIF files, see the viewers directory.