Mod Ports

This is a list of mods I've forked (as opposed to directly contributing to) and ported to various versions over the years, but on which my work does not feel notable enough to warrant a separate page.


I was one of the three forkers - the other two being Technic and delta534 - of AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN's final version of Chisel. As my fork's features included a 1.7.2 port, it survived and was later picked up by Pokefenn, and then by Cricket, which proves that he is, indeed, the only one who has ever cared about Chisel.

Requires a compatible version of AsieLib.

Factorization Addons

Mod originally by wha-ha-ha.

Immibis' Mods

I briefly took them over for their initial 1.7.2 ports, however all of those mods were later (re?-)ported by immibis - I recommend you pick up his versions instead.

Ranged Pumps

Context. For once, it's a backport.

(Before someone asks - the author of the mod is aware of this fork and is fine with it as long as it is not uploaded to CurseForge.)