This is a list of features removed from Charset, along with URLs to their latest source code version and notes on which mods, if any, have taken up the feature in some manner.


Pipes were removed from Charset due to two key problems:

The latest codebase is a half-finished rewrite - sadly, the behaviour there contains far too many edge cases. The last "stable codebase" is, in my opinion, more reliable, but the rules are even more annoying.

Conveyor Belts

Okay, this is technically not a Charset feature, but it was the direct predecessor to the pipes mod which became Charset, so I guess I can still put it here?

Note that the code below is full of bugs, including dupe bugs. It was really more of a proof of concept than a released feature. And yes, Technotronics was the original name - thankfully I did not stick with it!


Gates were removed from Charset because I considered them to be growing in amount far too quickly, causing a potential overload in terms of available options to keep in mind or in inventory at the same time. I decided to look into more modular systems, but amadornes came up with something cool you might like if it weren't so buggy. As for Wires, it's a mixture of "bundled cables are not necessary when you want to encourage larger systems" and "I have been considering alternate ways of improving signal transportation".

Please note that the API for adding new wires to the game, handling rendering and connections, is still present in Charset.

The latest codebase has buggy wire propagation, but the gates should be fine!

If you ever choose to fork the Gates module, you might want to contact the developer of this addon.


These were forked off Factorization, but the code in Charset is ported to 1.11.2 and improved in places.

I removed them because of aesthetic opinions, I guess?

Storage Crates

Note that the only part of them which was finished was rendering (however, the models were fancy and three-dimensional!).

I removed them because, next to barrels and chests, they didn't really fit any major usecase.


I recommend you try copygirl's WearableBackpacks instead. These were always bare-bones.