FoamFix is a mod which makes Minecraft go fast - by which I mean use less memory. It is also not a coremod (if used lawfully), because a certain guy writing a certain tutorial said that's a very very bad thing a while ago, or something like that.

I am aware that the site looks like a massive joke. I might change it to something else later, but the mod is serious - it leads to an idle RAM usage reduction of about 25-35% on average, with additional RAM requirement reductions for the loading process. However, no matter what, the logo stays. It's the best logo.

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Installation Instructions:

Remember to follow all the steps in order to fully experience the mod.

  1. Put the JAR into mods/.
  2. Realize you're trying to chase away the prospect of requiring even more expensive RAM sticks in your computer in order to run your favourite modpacks.
  3. Face the emptiness of your wallet.
  4. Run away, trying to forget your love for Minecraft.
  5. Run. Run run. Run run ru.
  6. Keep running, you can do it!
  7. Run your favourite launcher.
  8. Enjoy the added benefits!
  9. If you find a bug, use THIS and ONLY THAT to report!


- 0.5.2

- 0.5.1

- 0.5.0

- 0.4.3

- 0.4.2

- 0.4.1

- 0.4.0

- 0.3.2a

- 0.3.1

- 0.3.0b


Since someone finally asked about the strange license (thanks, SharkWipf!), FoamFix has been relicensed to GPLv3 with a special exemption for linking with Minecraft and associated libraries.